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Perfect Horizon

For the 2003 surf documentary Step into Liquid, Director Dana Brown set out to record the best footage ever of big-wave surfing at Cortez Bank, 100 miles off the shore of California. The results were arresting: Witness the likes of Ken “Skindog” Collins ripping down the faces of 65-foot giants. Action-sports eye candy? Sure. But it was filmed with an elegance approaching that of poetry—no mean feat, considering that the camera boat was riding the same swells. Capturing steady shots required fistfuls of Dramamine and an innovative, Sci-Tech Award–nominated camera mount known as Perfect Horizon.  (more...)

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Ever wonder what the “gaffer” does or what a “squib” is?  Check out this on-line movie glossary courtesy of IMDb (The Internet Movie Database).


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Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Massive software adds unprecedented realism to crowd scenes.  Developer Stephen Regelous wins an Academy Award for Scientific and Engineering achievement in 2004. (more...)

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