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Considering where I was a month ago, I think I've caught myself up on new releases well; and it was worth the wait.  Throughout 2005 I heard reviewers and entertainment shows over and over again lamenting the poor selection of movies released during the year.  Well Hollywood certainly saved the best for last.  Because the Olympics will encroach upon my movie going time, I saw more movies just before the Oscar nominations than usual and I can't enough about most of them.  While Brokeback Mountain is by most accounts the front runner for Best Picture and Best Director, I think Capote, Good Night, And Good Luck and Walk the Line are tremendous.  It's really too bad that these and several others are being relegated to "and also" films when compared to Brokeback.

Anyway, here's the latest list of what I've been watching.  I've graded all of them and will start adding my commentary as soon as I complete setting up links to all the 2006 Oscar nominees.

The Latest Five

Brokeback Mountain Batman Begins March of the Penguins Wallace and Gromit In Curse of the Were-Rabbit Transamerica

The Ten Before That!

Walk The Line Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe Capote Good Night, and Good Luck Syriana
King Kong Crash Memoirs of a Geisha Munich The Constant Gardener

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