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This is still a lonely page because I haven't been able to recruit others to help with the site yet.  There seems to be a general feeling that non-professionals (in the film industry anyway) don't have enough knowledge or talent to contribute.  I think this is nonsense!  Whether you're artistic, technical or just a fan of movies, you're opinion is as "right" as anyone else's.  There's also the worry that this can take a good deal of time, research and learning and there's no pay involved.  I think that's, well, pretty much on the mark.  But it's also fun and rewarding.

So, should anyone out there be interested in contributing to this site, please let me know.  You can use the Feedback form to contact me.  I'd like to hear from people interested in:

  • Writing movie reviews
  • Writing articles on new developments in the film industry
  • Marketing the site to possible sponsors (we'd like to give a prize for the annual contest!)
  • Designing or assisting with building a web site

In actuality, I started this site to learn about web publishing as much as to make it easier for contestants in the annual "Predict The Oscars!" game to record their entries.  Whatever your reason or skill level, there's always a way you can contribute.


Bob Stanza - Editor, Writer, Webmaster and Custodian

Bob Stanza

General I was born in St. Louis in 1958, graduated from Country Day School in 1977 and from UMSL in 1984 with a BS in Economics.  While I've moved around some I've usually called St. Louis home.  I have a lovely wife, Kathy, and have two pretty much grown children, Jennifer and Philip.
Work I've been an IT professional all my life and am currently working for Anheuser-Busch in the SAP systems development area.
Interests Martial arts, photography and movies.
Last Updated: Dec 5, 2007
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