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2012 Predict The Oscars!

Rules and Regulations

Nominated Films
Nomination Count

Entry Instructions

1.       Valid entries must be made by using the on-line entry form.

2.        Complete your entry form by providing:

a.       Predictions for the winning nominee in each of the 24 award categories

b.       The name of the film you think will win the most awards and the number of awards it will win (tie breaker questions)

c.       Your name and email address so we can contact you if you win.  We do not share this information with any other organization. 

3.        You may set-up an account including a user name and password that will allow you to review and  modify your selections at any time until balloting is closed.  Only one such account is allowed per contestant.

4.        If you choose not to set up an account and submit more than one ballot, only your last selections will be considered.

5.        Entries must be made by 5:00 PM CST on February 26, 2012 to be accepted.  

6.      When balloting is closed, a summary of all predictions will be available on-line.

Determination of Winner and Prizes

7.      The winners will be the contestants with the highest total scores.  Total score is calculated by summing the "Points" value for each correct prediction.  Prizes will be awarded to the three highest scores.

8.     In the event of a tie for high score the winners shall be determined as follows:

a.       The contestant who correctly predicted the film that won the most awards will be the winner.

b.       If multiple contestants selected the film correctly, the winner will be the contestant who is closest to the number of awards won (over OR under)

c.       If multiple contestants are still tied, the winner will be determined by random drawing.

d.    This procedure will be used as necessary to determine the winner of all prize awards.

9.      Prizes awards will include:

a.       First Prize: $50.00

b.       Second Prize: $30.00

c.       Third Prize: $20.00

10.    These are minimum prizes.  Additional prizes may be added before the contest and the value of the first three prizes listed above may be increased. 


11.    Employees of Predict The Oscars! are ineligible to win prizes.

12.   If youíve actually read all these rules you have far too much time on your hands and should probably go see a movie!


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