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Predict The Oscars! Movie Log Text

On this page you will customize the text that displays on your Movie Log page.  You must have a membership and be logged in to access this function.  If you don't have an account, more information about setting one up may be viewed on the help on Membership page.

The options you may maintain on this page are:

  • Movie Page Header that displays at the start of your page in large, bold, centered text.
  • Movie Page Detail that displays below the Header and above the Recent film list section
  • Make Public is a checkbox that, if checked, allows your page to be viewed by others.

The page includes some instructions on some basic formatting using HTML that can give your page a nicer look.  The tags currently supported for members are:

  • p = Paragraph (including 'align')
  • b = Bold
  • i = italic
  • u = underline

To use these, enclose the desired text between "tags" of your choice.  For example:

<b>This Text Will Be Bold</b>

In the future we will try to allow more formatting options and possibly let you paste in text from a Rich Text formatted document so it's easier to maintain a nice looking page.

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