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General Information

When you want to add a movie to your log you enter a "review" for the film.  This need not be anything more than your grade for the film but may include additional information as detailed below.

Editor's Note: No matter how well you can write, any review is a good one.  However, we are trying to keep a reasonable level of decorum here so reviews that include excessive profanity or sexually explicit content may be edited or removed.  Likewise, any attempt to use this as a forum to advertise products or services will result in your access being permanently removed.

  • You must be logged in to add a movie review.

  • Dates must all be entered as YYYY-MM-DD at this time.  Dates entries default to the current date based on Universal time.

  • If you make your review public your name will appear along with the Overall Grade you gave the film.

If you need help changing the text on your own movie log page, please see Movie Log Text help.


 Quick Card

Find the movie you want to add to your log.  Click Movie Search at the top of the screen or search from the Home page.  See Movie Search Help for more information.
Display the movie detail page by clicking the film name on the Movie Search results list.
             On the Detail page you will see a link to Add Review on the left.  If you have already entered a review for this film the link will be Change Review.  Click this.
The Review Entry screen will be displayed.  If you are changing your review your current review information will also display on the screen.
Viewing Format.  These include entries for Theatre, DVD, VHS and Pay TV with formats for widescreen (WS) or pan & scan (PS).
Viewing Date.  This is the date you saw the movie.
Review Date.  This is the date you entered the review.
The Make Public indicator.  Any entry other then "0" will allow others to see your review on the movie detail page.
Grade - Overall.  This is your overall impression of the movie ("A+" through "F").
Grades for Story, Direction, Acting and Visuals.  These are only displayed on the review screen at this time
Viewing Notes. Any private notes about the film.  Only displayed on the review screen. (128 char max)
Headline. This text displays in bold before the text of your review and/or name and overall grade (96 char max)
Review.  Your review of the film.  For practical purposes it can be as long as you like.
Press Save Review Data to save your entry.
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