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What Is A Membership and How Do I Get One?

Membership simply involves registering yourself on the site with a name, email address, user name and password.  Then you will see an option on the Home page that allows you to do things like request a Movie Log page.  Other features will be automatically available after you login.

Why Have Membership?

For a couple of reasons.  First, since membership allows you to change your ballot selections for our games, we need to limit access to the proper person.  And second, it's a way to limit access to people that intend to use our site properly.  Unfortunately there are too many people and organizations out there trying to sell porn and drugs to just open up our features to anyone.

Why Do You Do This?

There are three primary reasons for this site:

  • Originally Predict The Oscars! was a game played on paper by my family and friends.  As some of them moved away but still wanted to play and the number of contestants grew, using paper was just too cumbersome so I had to look for another method.  Internet balloting seemed like a good solution.
  • I'm in the information technology business for a living and this is a way for me to keep my hand in programming and learning new skills.
  • I have always enjoyed movies but will likely never be involved in a way that would actually contribute to the industry.  I hope by hosting this site I encourage people to see a few more movies each year than they otherwise might.  Whether it be at the theatre or at home, the more people watch movies, the bigger (and hopefully better) the industry will become.

Does It Cost Anything?

It costs nothing, there's no opportunity to buy anything, no place to enter a credit card and there are no ads on the site.  I am willing to consider a well selected sponsor or two if they present themselves.  It would be a way to boost the contest prizes in exchange for mentioning them as our sponsors much like you will see at film festivals.

Do You Ever Exchange Membership Information With Others?

We respect your privacy as much as we respect our own.  We will never sell, exchange or otherwise provide your membership information to other people or organizations.  Even our special member features such as Movie Logs and Reviews allow you to choose whether these should be available to the public or only to you.

Will I Receive Email From You?

We send out one or two contest announcements each year.  We also contact contest winners through email.  Other then that, unless you ask us a question or there is a problem with your ballot or account you can expect to receive no email from us.

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to contact us using the feedback feature is you still have any questions or concerns.  We'll be glad to answer anything to the best of our abilities.

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