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General Information

Private games allow you and your friends to link your Predict The Oscars! game ballots together with a name and password you provide.  Each member may set-up one game per contest and may join as many as they are invited to play.  Once you have joined a private game you will be able to see the scores and rankings of the other members of that game.  This feature is ideal for those hosting parties, office workers, classmates or any other group who want to quickly see how they compare to each other.

Note: You are not entering another ballot and no matter how many private games you join your ballot is still entered in the Predict The Oscars! contest associated with those games.


Quick Card

Select the Private Games link from the PTO Home page, on from any other page where you find it in the left side links.
The Your Game section includes information on the game you have set-up and will provide to others you want to join your game.
To set-up a game, first enter a game name.
Next, enter a password for your game.
Then, verify the password by entering it again.
Finally, press the Update Game Information button and your game information will be saved.
As soon as you set-up a game, you will be entered as a member of your game.  As others join, you will see their names in the list on the upper right side of the page
The Other Games section is where you will join games set-up by others and view contest scores of contestants in those games.
To join another game, pick the name from the Game Name list.
Enter the password the game owner gave you for this game.

If you enter an incorrect password, a warning message will display and you may try again.

Press the Join Game button.  That's it!
If the password you entered was correct, the year, contest and name of the game will display in the Games You Have Joined section.


To see the scores and rankings of players in a game, select the game in the Games You Have Joined list and click Display Scores.


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