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Entering Movie Reviews

When you want to add a movie into your log you enter a review for the film.  Whenever you are on a movie detail page, if you are logged in, you will see the option to add or change your review on the left of the screen.  Click this link and you will be taken to the Review Maintenance page.  In actuality you don't need to write a review but you will need to enter the format (Theatre, DVD, etc.), the viewing and review dates (which default to the current date) and your grade for the film ("A+" down to "F").  All other fields on the page are optional.

Here is the run down on all information you may enter on the page:

  • Viewing Format (required) - WS is widescreen and PS is Pan and Scan ("Adjusted to fit your TV screen")
  • Viewing Date (required) - In the format YYYY-MM-DD.  This value defaults to the current date.  (Note: current date is based on Universal Time)
  • Review Date (required) - In the format YYYY-MM-DD.  This value defaults to the current date.  (Note: current date is based on Universal Time)
  • Make Public - If this value = 0, your review data will not be made available on the movie detail page.
  • Grade - Overall - Your overall impression and grade for the film.  It will be displayed on your Movie Log page and if Make Public is not 0, will display along with your name on the movie detail page
  • Grade - (Story, Direction, Acting and Visuals) - These are further break downs based on specific aspects of the film.  At this time, they only display on the review page.
  • Viewing Notes - These are private notes that display only on the review page (up to 128 characters)
  • Headline - Entries made in this section display on the movie detail page in bold before the text of your review (up to 128 characters).
  • Review - This is your review of the movie.  It displays on the movie detail page after the headline and before your overall grade and name.  For practical purposes it can be as long as you like.

When you're done making you entries, press the Save Review Data button and you're done.

The Viewing Notes, Headline and Review can all include some limited HTML formatting.  Specifics may be viewed on the Movie Log Text help page.

Editor's Note: I actually enter my reviews using Word (because I can't spell worth a damn!), then add HTML tags when I'm done.  Sorry to have to limit this and I know it's not the slickest way to allow entry but for security reasons it's the best we can do for now.  It's on the list to be improved.

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